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Remarks related to the new Web-Pages

Remarks in German can be found here.

The old Web Pages from 1997

In the year 1997 I put the first web pages in the Internet. There I did present my own work on research, but also the work of Konrad Zuse, who is my father.

During the last forty years I got a lot of material of the work of my father (photos, papers, movies, etc.).

Till my father was still alive till December 18, 1995, I  looked at my own carreer in Berlin. At late as the death of my father in 1995 I looked at his work in detail and was convinced that he did a good job. For this reason I put the web pages of my fathers work in the Internet. The student Thomas Fetcke did support me. The web pages were formulated in German and English.

In 1997 www.epemag.com did ask me, whether I would write a report of the work of my father in English. I did it and now you can find this report here.

It was the first time, that the many computers of my father were presented with all the technical data in the Internet.

The new Web Pages in 2008

I think, that after ten years presenting the old web pages it was necessary to make new ones.

Now you can see the new web pages of my work, of the work of my father etc. in the Internet. I did correct a lot of data, especially the technical data of the Zuse computers.

I tried to keep all the old URLs for the Zuse computers. The reason is, that hundreds of links are going to these pages. If there are any kind of problems, please let me know.

Problems with UNIX on my Side

There were some problems with the case-sensitivity of UNIX, but now the problem should be solved (April 15, 2008).

Internet presentations of mine in 2008

At this time there are the following Internet presentation, which i did design.

http://www.cs.tu-berlin.de (Horst Zuse and Konrad Zuse in English).

http://www.zuse.de (Horst Zuse and Konrad Zuse in German).

http://www.konrad-zuse.de (Konrad Zuse in English)


http://www.foto-scout-zuse.com (The learning image search engine in German. English will follow this year 2008).

http://www.informatik-geschichte.de (Computer history of the Gesellschaft of Computer Science in Germany (GI)).

The web pages were design by me with the tool Web Plus 10 of Anvanquest.

Horst Zuse, April 25, 2008