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Horst Zuse

John von Neumann versus Konrad Zuse

This document intends to discuss our arguments related to the article of Burks et al., John von Neumann and other scientists. I like to get comments and criticism to my view.

I tried to formulate the arguments as unbiased as possible.

In literature the paper of Burks et al. has been cited in order to show that in 1946 the John von Neumann?s group formulated the basic principles of the modern computer. From our view it is very questionable whether this is true because Konrad Zuse in 1936 and 1941 built the machines Z1 and Z3, which deduct in advance the architecture of the John von Neumann computer in almost every component. These facts were neglected for a very long time

Please open here the PDF-File Konrad Zuse versus John von Neumann with the discussion (Will be available soon).